Since 1882, the Georg Stage training ship has provided young people with an education and experiences of a lifetime.

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The world’s oldest training ship

As the world’s oldest, civil training ship, Georg Stage has set the standard for many other ships. It is also the world’s only independent training ship, as, unlike other training ships, it is not affiliated with any onshore school.

The ship set sails for the first time during the summer of 1882. Since then, expeditions have taken place every summer, giving many young people a maritime education.

The first ship sailed until 1934 when the decision was made to build a new training ship. The new ship became wider and more spacious and is sailing to this day.

Improve your Danish language skills with a free language course before going on an expedition with Georg Stage

The working language at Georg Stage is Danish, and you must be able to speak and understand it to enter our sail training program. However, if Danish is not your native language, and if you don’t speak it very well, we can offer you a free, private language course before the expedition starts. Apart from improving your basic Danish language skills, the course will also introduce you to the vast number of maritime words used on a ship. Contact us for more information.

The working language on-board Georg Stage is Danish. You must understand and speak Danish to be considered for admission.

Application procedures in Danish.


Who was Georg Stage?

Ship-owner Frederik Stage forged the idea to build a training ship by the late 1800s, as the merchant navy was in desperate need of skilled mariners due to high demands on goods.

The ship is named after Frederik Stage’s son Georg, who died from tuberculosis in 1880 aged just 23. Two years later, the foundation ’Georg Stages Minde’ and the eponymous training ship became a reality.

Today, a depiction of young Georg Stage prevails on the ship. We still sail under the original figurehead of him, which dates from the first 1880s ship.

The foundation’s purpose was the same then as it is now –”to provide young people wishing to set out to sea with their first practical maritime education on board a custom-built training ship”.


More than an education

An expedition with Georg Stage is a maritime education and an experience of a lifetime. You will sail out into the world alongside 62 other young people and 10 experienced mariners. You will learn a lot – about living and working closely together with others, but first and foremost about yourself. You will experience and do things, which you perhaps could never imagine yourself capable of or wanting. It will make you a new and stronger person.

Georg Stage is one of the world’s two sailing maritime schools and provides a STCW certificate upon completion.